Friday, August 9, 2013

Bake Station 9000

Three years ago, I got married to pretty much the best man around. 
And by best, I absolutely mean BEST.

For our three year anniversary, he gave me this little number:

Entitled: Bake Station 9000
(Named affectionately by the Giver of said gift)

You see, our kitchen is not the biggest of sorts and I do love to bake but was growing weary by my lack of countertop space. Enter the Bake Station 9000. My most prized possessions (hello, Kitchen Aid) kept in my little station with cookbooks, ingredients, decorations, you name it all ready at the tip of my fingers without filling up my cupboards. And it's on wheels, so I really could just take it right out to the family room and get my mix on whilst watching TV. He knows me too well. 

Words of wisdom: If you, too, love to bake and are out of counter space - marry someone awesome who thinks of really thoughtful gifts. And the color! Geez. Happy girl. 


  1. That picture of the two of you is so fabulous! You look so happy :) And, seriously, what a wonderful gift!

  2. Kelly! I just found your blog and love it! I love that I can hear you when reading the posts and I love how perky and fun the banner is. Way to go! Now I just wish that I could live closer so that I could be your number two taste tester after James has his fill!

    1. Malinda! I'm glad you found it! I love your blog as well! Having boys is the best and you have the cutest stories and pictures :)

  3. Hi Kelly,
    Just took a look at your fun blog! I love it when young people cook :)
    This gift really is so thoughtful. I have been blessed for 30+ years to a man who loves to surprise me with kitchen gifts, because he knows how much I love to cook. What a fun gift especially if you are short on space!
    Happy cooking,


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