Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fourth of July Treat Bags

Happy Fouth of July, everyone! The Fourth of July is probably the best day of the year (barring my birthday, which is always the BEST of the best days). I might argue that it is even better than Christmas. I mean, right? Christmas season is the best, but Christmas day is practically all celebrated by 9am anyway (we get up early in my family). But the Fourth of July...what a breath of hot and humid fresh air. The celebration lasts all day long!

This year we will be starting with a pancake breakfast and then heading to the parade. Now, I admit that this is my first year in Napa and maybe they still throw candy here during the parades. But where I'm from in Utah, candy had been banned. Banned, I tell you! Is this regional? Does anybody else have candy-less parades or was it just my little town? Well, I don't know what little kid got hit in the eye with a piece of taffy, but I say it is quite egrecious not to be able to throw candy at a parade. Put on your goggles, everyone. Tootsie rolls oughta be a-flyin'!

In any case, these little treat bags can suffice if you also live in a candyless region of the parade world. If you are one of the blessed cities that still allows children to be children then these treat bags can augment either your parade or your firework experience. They will take you two seconds to make and put you right in the patriotic mood!

All you need are the following:

York Pieces
Red vines
Cellophane bags

Now for the instructions. Drumroll please...patriotic drumroll that is. These are complicated, so pay close attention.

1. Scoop York pieces into the bottom of the bag.
2. Next add Red Vines. I cut mine in half so that they would fit in the bag better.
3. Tie the bag with ribbon.

Treats have been served. God bless the USA.


  1. Kelly, So darling!! I hope you all have a Happy Fourth!


    1. Hi Rosie! When I click your profile I can't see your blog; do I need a password??

      Happy Fourth!

  2. Oh, this is such a fun and easy idea! Hope you have an awesome Fourth! :)


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