Thursday, July 25, 2013

Easy Butterfinger Brownie Trifles

So I have had a lot of food failures in the kitchen lately. Yikes. The good news is my kitchen cabinets have recently been repainted white and now my kitchen is beautiful and refreshing like a piece of spearmint gum, so I really like spending time in there.

My most recent mishap was a pot of would be pomegranate jam that I slaved over a hot kitchen stove for over an hour tending to, only to find that it turns out I don't really know how to make jam and also my 16 month old chooses the most inopportune times to start wailing from his crib to come let him out after his nap. Long story short, my "jam" turned into a burnt jar of molten rock that could've passed for something you'd find on a volcano site. Not. Edible.

This, amongst many other blunders, made me crave something easy, fast, delicious, FOOL-PROOF. And here you have it. My husband thought it was delicious, but also thought it was funny that it even needed a written recipe. That's the thing. It really doesn't. It's just brownies and pudding and butterfingers and a whole lot of yum. I even used store bought brownies to avoid having to turn on the oven again and also to avoid the risk of messing those up as well :) Enjoy!

Easy Butterfinger Brownie Trifle

1 pan of cooked brownies
1 package instant Vanilla pudding (3.4 ounce)
2 cups milk
10-12 Fun size Butterfinger candy bars
Whipping cream, for topping

1. Make pudding according to package directions using 2 cups milk.
2. Place Butterfinger candy bars in plastic ziplock back and crush into fine crumbs using hands or rolling pin.
3. Mix Butterfinger crumbs and vanilla pudding together.
4. Layer brownies and pudding in individual serving cups or in large trifle dish.
5. Top with whipping cream and reserved candy bar crumbs.


  1. This is such an easy brownie recipe. This is good stuff. We celebrated Canada day with Canada's favorite treat- Nanaimo Bars and Brownie truffle bars made from Canadian candy bars.

  2. Are Butterfingers Jeff's favorite candy bar? I feel like kitchen remodeling had a hand in a few epic failures in my kitchen as well. Sorry about your pomegranate jam :( Hopefully, we will see you guys soon!

  3. Aww, man, I have certainly been there! It seems like my kitchen disasters come in waves - all of a sudden, I've forgotten how to do ANYTHING in the kitchen and everything comes out lame :( Which is exactly when you need fabulously easy recipes like this!


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